Justin Mattes

Life's Lessons for Zander Bruce Mattes

Zero in on the positive and the negative will go away quicker
Always be yourself, no matter what other people say
New adventures are waiting for you around every turn
Don't be afraid to try something new.
Enter every experience with an open mind,
Rejection teaches you to be a better person.

Boys must always hug their moms though at times they think it's “uncool”.
Roll around in the dirt whenever possible, it's what boys do
Unfortunately life isn't fair, trust us on this one,
Caring about someone is never wrong.
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, not just you.

Mom and dad love you the most, even when you don't realize it,
All anyone can ever ask of you is your best.
Things that come easy are called gifts,
Things that come hard are called rewards.
Explore new horizons whenever possible.
Sometimes life's lessons need to be learned, not taught.

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