Justin Mattes

Theresa Grace Princiotto

November 2,2010
If someone needed help grandma was always there,
Her eyes were always filled joy and care.
She showed her love in many different ways and expressed it with all her heart
Grandma was proud of us no matter if we scored a goal or drew some art
Sunday dinners were always special and a lot fun,
She especially enjoyed it when the gatherings included everyone.
Grandma laughed at our jokes, or just anything silly,
Always enjoyed visiting with her older sister Millie.
We walk through the woods over to the park,
She taught us never to be afraid of the dark.
Christmas Eves in the kitchen,summers watching us in the pool
Grandma taught lessons of caring that are not learned in school
Finally reunited with Charlie,the man she loves,
Both of them looking down on all of us from above.

Written in memory of my grandma Theresa Princiotto

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