Justin Mattes

In Memory of George J. Fusco

March 28,2016

With a wink and a smile across the counter he sits
Trying different positions to ease his pain
Even in the worst weather the store lights remain lit
So people have a place to get out of the rain
Picking up lunch sandwiches or just a mid-afternoon snack
The chats may be short but they brighten up the day
Candy and chips in the front, hot coffee, sodas and juices in the back
Serving a side of wisdom because that was just his way
Always ready help anyone in need whatever it took
He knew how you were doing from just one quick look
As we say goodbye to a friend, husband, father and grandpa we all love
George Fusco will always be smiling down on all of us from above

George J. Fusco Woodcliff Lake Fire Dept. Last Call

- J. Mattes © 2016

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