Justin Mattes

The Most Romantic Moment

First sight of the most beautiful thing,
for a split second you hear an angel start to sing.
You sweat bullets and your mouth is on fire,
hoping that girl will meet your wildest desire.
Friends encouage you and tell you to make a move,
you tell them that's isn't your style, not in the groove.
Trying to just play it cool and continue sipping your drink,
boy does she look hot in that dress of pink.
The next thing you know she's walking your way,
you are filled with fear and don't know what to say.
She glides across the floor like a skater on ice,
you just say hello and hope she'll say somethin' nice.
Both of you start to talk and then go to dance,
then at that very moment it hits you, you have true romance.

-J. Mattes


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