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Introducing Poerty for Plates unique gifts of words for special occasions. Let me take your thoughts and feelings and turn them into something special. I have written for weddings, baby name poems and other occasions. I also composed poems for somber moments as well. I have over fifteen year experience drafting prose that is both touching and thoughtful. I My work has been published in magazines, newsletters and all over the Internet.

Below are a few examples:

Depending on your wishes poem will be e-mailed to you in Adobe Acrobat. The typical turnaround time is one to two weeks. Once you receive the poem, I ask you to send me a mint or excellent license plate or two off my Plate Trading List or a few regular plates for my trade box

More information on the "Life's Lessons Poems":

This unique style of poetry is written to celebrate a newborn baby. Composed in free verse using a newborn's full name having the first letter of his or her name matching the first word of each line. Each letter has a different color or design depending on your tastes or wishes. I can also include special graphic and other elements for that extra special touch. Unlike poems written for newborns that lose meaning as the child grows up, these words stay with the child throughout his or her life. Over the years the child will refer to the poem for encouragement Each poem includes the date of the child's birth and a personalized greeting from you they will cherish forever. As as option the title can consist of the child's name on personalized license plates of your choosing using images downloaded from the ACME License Plate Maker, which has all fifty states in a variety of years and styles.

For an examples of the baby name poems I wrote for fellow collectors see Remy Lu Beus and the Jefferey Leon Kleinfelter for details.
I have exchanged poems for the following plates:
AZ ham radio OH wheelchair

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