Justin Mattes

Pascack Valley Indian

February 10,1997

Dear Pascack Valley Board of Education,

When I first heard the news of the possibilitly that Dr. Jarolamen might not be back next September, I was in shock. It's hard to believe that a person so helpful to so many people could be tossed away like an empty container of juice. To many people Dr. Jarolamen not only is a social worker, a case manger and a fellow colleague, they also see her as a friend they can turn to whenever they have something on their mind. She is one of the few people I know that everyone respects. I am only one of the many successstories she helped to make sure have a happy ending.

During these past four years I have had many good memories at PV, Dr Jarolamen played a part in all of them in some way. During freshman year I ran for Student Council, which was and still is one of the bracest things I did at Valley. Dr. Jarolamen was nthe person who said, “You can do it.” and gave me to confidence to get myself to the microphone and give my speech. I won the election that year because I knew she would be proud of me no matter if Iwon, or if I lost. After I won she was the first one to say, “Congratulations Justin!”. Another time was when I was nervous about going to the Junior Prom with a girl I really liked. Dr. Jarolamen was the person who said, don't worry you'll get yourself there. She was right, I had asked a girl I really like and everything turned out fine. Dr. Jarolamen always believed in me whatever I did.

For all the good times Dr. Jarolamen and I had shared, there have also been some bad ones. For instance when that girl I had mentioned earlier graduated and moved away. Dr Jarolamen was the person who kept my hopes up by saying that she'd be back September, Dr. Jarolamen told me everything wouold be alright. Right now she is helping me cope with not being able to do some of the things I wish I could do. Dr Jarolamen is one of the few people that have faith in everything I do. She kept my hopes up when I was the most down.

Dr. Jarolamen has managed to help many other people my age to accomplish whatever they wanted to achieve. She has touched many hearts over the 23 years she has been serving Pascack Valley High School. I have not met a person who is more dedicated to education than she. Please don't fire her. If you do, it will ruin the great educational reputation Pascack Valley has tried so hard to gain for so long.


Justin Mattes Class of 98.

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