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  1. Blaming The Wrong People
  2. Rachel Dolezal Harmed Minorities
  3. My Time at Kessler
  4. So the Super Bowl
  5. Starting 2015 in Cape May

  6. 2014

    1. I wrote it....no credit
    2. My Name in Billy Joel Songs
    3. Annual ALPCA Garden State Region Meet Report
    4. Standing your ground is better than boycotting
    5. Rochester Review
    6. Rochester Preview
    7. Riging in the New Year with the WCLFD
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    1. Christmas Letter 2010
    2. Come for a drink stay for the music
    3. Hersey Miracle 2010
    4. The Wrong Reasons for the Right Arguement
    5. Field Day Fingering 2010-N2SE on the air from Darlington Park
    6. Arlington Wrap-up

    1. The Christmas Letter
    2. Slow August--NOT!
    3. Poco + Loggins and Messina Live at PNC Bank Arts Center
    4. Trip to CT-Branchville School Part I
    5. Surviving Valentine's Day
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    1. A Chance Encounter-- Part I
    2. 1st Garden State License Plate Meet
    3. Forget Joe the plumber, here's Justin the writer
    4. California Trip 2008
    5. The End of an Era - Tri-Boro Radio Signing off

    1. Pascack Valley Class of 1997 Reunion
    2. Better Late Than Never
    3. Field Day Fingering 2007--N2SE Back on the Air
    4. Huntsville Plate Hunting
    5. The Editor Strikes Back
    6. Transmitting from different locations
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    1. It was a success
    2. If I wrote it I should read it
    3. Solve one problem with another
    4. Grown-up Birthday Party
    5. Fellow Ham and Writer
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    1. The Week of Thanksgiving-- Part I
    2. Making a call
    3. Loggins and Messina Revisited
    4. Brief note on Peter Jennings
    5. Change of Venue
    6. Welcome to Justin Mattes's Blog
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